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A First Look at the 2017 NIC Spring Investment Forum

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Setting business strategies for an unclear future continues to challenge many in seniors housing and care. It’s an issue that multiple sessions at the 2017 NIC Spring Investment Forum, March 22–24 in San Diego, CA, will address.

“It begins to sound like a broken record, but for years we’ve been anticipating this vast tidal wave of aging seniors,” said NIC CEO Bob Kramer. “That tidal wave is now nearly here, and time’s running out for everyone in seniors housing and care to put in place strategies to care for them efficiently, effectively, and profitably.”

Understanding the full value the industry has to offer seniors and stakeholders alike will be critical for operational success in the future, he said. “There’s additional value to be unlocked.”

Breaking Down Silos
Seniors housing and care is a strong platform for managing the most expensive lives in healthcare. But for decades, operators have infrequently ventured outside their four walls. Going forward, Kramer said, “policy changes, new partners, and even consumers will demand that assisted living and skilled nursing providers demonstrate capabilities they don’t possess today.” Many discussions at the Forum will focus on how operators can begin to identify partners, tools, and strategies that will allow them to deliver and demonstrate the value they offer to partners and payors.

The tidal wave of seniors is also bringing a surge of new technologies, products, and services aimed at making their lives better. The enablers of these offerings will be looking to partner with seniors housing and care operators, who care for large numbers of the frail seniors they’re seeking to serve. “Both sides have value the other needs,” said Kramer.

Today’s Markets and Tomorrow’s Strategies
The Forum’s programming in March 2017 will feature a good mix of sessions for both providers of capital and care to begin thinking about their short-term and long-term strategies. Some highlights include:

  • Capital Connections, a networking opportunity to meet select capital providers in a relaxed environment and discuss various financing options.
  • Conference Luncheon with former Senator Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) and former Senator Bill Frist (R-Tennessee), who will discuss the impact of a new president and Congress on health care and long-term care policy, entitlement reform, and tax policy.
  • Capital and economic sessions, including valuations, economic trends, supply and demand trends by product type, and the most recent data from NIC.
  • Sessions on unlocking value, which will include examples and case studies of what providers in the industry are doing.

Registration Opens in December
Registration for the 2017 NIC Spring Investment Forum will open in December. Sign up to receive a notification once registration opens.

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