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Having first defined the category in 2022, NIC continues to bring focus to the Active Adult rental property market by providing crucial insights and analyses to investors, operators, and industry thought leaders.

A Promising Landscape: Active Adult Rental Properties  

The market for purpose-built active adult rental properties has enormous potential due to a large and immediate demand pool, no required healthcare licensure, less operational intensity than senior housing, and typically extended residency periods than that of senior housing or other multifamily properties. NIC strives to address the evolving landscape with data and insights to serve this growing demographic.

Active Adult Property
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Defining the Emerging Property Type

The performance and growth of active adult rental properties continue to spark real estate developer and investor interest. Download the white paper to learn more.

  • How is “active adult” defined?
  • What is important to understand when entering the active adult market?
  • What are the consumer demographics of active adult communities?  
  • How does active adult differ from independent living and multifamily? 
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Active Adult Resources

Building on NIC’s role in the senior living and skilled nursing markets, NIC now brings focus to the active adult rental property market. Our platform for knowledge sharing, efficient connections, insights, and analyses—informed by NIC MAP Vision data on the active adult rental property market—will allow for better understanding, continued product evolution, and capital to help older adults with their housing needs.

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