Letter from the President

Over the course of three decades, NIC has been an important driver of transparency, informed investment, and innovation in senior housing and care. Investors and operators rely on NIC data, analytics, and connections, not only to build and improve their businesses but to adapt and innovate to meet challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and today’s environment of rapid market disruption.

Underlying our efforts is our mission: to improve access and choice for America’s older adults. Our data and analytics have improved the industry’s transparency, which in turn has facilitated the more efficient flow of capital into the sector. Through NIC research, publications, and industry outreach, our experts are providing the thought-leadership that will help shape the future. We are proud to be a mission-based non-profit with a track record of success in leading the industry to growth, innovation, and expanded opportunities.

To support our mission, the NIC Board of Directors adopted a new Strategic Plan in September 2022 followed by an Implementation Plan in November. An overview of NIC’s 5-Year Strategic Plan can be found here.

None of what we accomplish would be possible without the dedication and commitment of our volunteer Board, committee members, and corporate partners. The efforts of these leaders, and of our incredible staff, are helping to ensure that all of America’s seniors will have access and choice in housing, care, and services, enabling them to live yet more meaningful, purposeful lives. On behalf of the entire NIC team, we thank you for your support.

Ray Braun Signature