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Seniors’ Care the Next Unicorn for Start-Up Investors?

We’ve seen it all over the media: “The first of the Boomers turn 70.” So what does this mean for the seniors housing and care industry? Some might argue that it presents a “unicorn” opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs to develop products or services that will serve one of the largest generations to hit retirement age in our history—and it presents…
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The Assisted Living Community of the Future

While the boomers aren’t yet being served by assisted living, the industry is already looking ahead to anticipate the changes this dynamic population will bring. This evolution is already underway, as the industry begins serving the silent generation, now in their mid-80s and starting to enter assisted living. In a recent interview with California Assisted Living Association (CALA), NIC…
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When Aging Becomes Living: Evolving to Meet Boomers’ Demands

Via Alexander Stross For the self-reliant, self-sufficient, and control-centric boomer, the thought of inhabiting one of the senior living properties in use today is a fear worse than death. While this may sound like an extreme statement, Aging in Place in America, a study commissioned by Clarity and The EAR Foundation, found that only 3% of survey respondents stated…
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Isolation, Segregation, Integration – The 10 Year Journey

The shift in ideals surrounding how Boomers wish to spend their golden years is drastically different from the ideals of their parents. To start Boomers reject the term “senior” they fear embracing this societal coined term for aging is a direct correlation to the loss of their independence. Boomers want to remain independent to make their own decisions, to live…
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NIC Talks Speaker Spotlight: Chris Edell

New to the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) Fall Conference are NIC Talks, a series of individual 12-minute talks designed to spark conversation about the future of aging. Noted industry leaders will draw on their experience and knowledge to answer the question, “What do you envision happening over the next 10 years that will revolutionize the…
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