NIC Industry Alliances provide support to deliver our mission

Many organizations in the seniors housing sector actively support the delivery of our mission through their partnerships and sponsorships across our many initiatives.

NIC is pleased to be a member of Aging2.0 Leaders Circle. The Leaders Circle serves as an advisory council to the Aging2.0 team as they continue to grow the global innovation platform. Leaders Circle members are also tightly integrated into the Aging2.0 Academy, a year-long program for the top startups in aging and long-term care. Members provide invaluable insights, mentorship, pilot opportunities and distribution channels to the early-stage companies.
NIC has engaged the Altus Group in an important research initiative to further improve the access to equity and debt capital for both seniors housing property owners and operators. This research initiative is focused on making available to capital providers better benchmark data on the financial performance of seniors housing property operations. As seniors housing operations and the associated profits currently are not generally well understood by the broader capital markets including many institutional investors, the seniors housing sector requires greater transparency in its definitions of return metrics as well as more consistent time series benchmarking data on the revenues and expenses at the property level.
The American Real Estate Society (ARES), founded in 1985, is an association of real estate thought leaders. Members are drawn from academia and the profession at large, both in the United States and internationally. The mission of ARES is to influence real estate thought leadership and decision making. ARES is dedicated to producing and disseminating knowledge related to real estate decision making and the functioning of real estate markets. In that spirit, NIC annually has sponsored the ARES Manuscript Prize for Seniors Housing to encourage additional research in the sector to facilitate transparency that assists with decision making related to the seniors housing and care property types.
NIC has developed a strategic alliance with PointRight, a provider of data-driven support and analytics for the skilled nursing sector. PointRight will provide its proprietary PointRight® Pro 30® Adjusted Rehospitalization Rate and PointRight® Pro Long Stay™ Adjusted Hospitalization Rate at the property level via the NIC MAP® Data Service later in 2018. Both measures have been endorsed by the American Health Care Association and the National Quality Forum. These metrics will be available to NIC MAP® Data Service clients at the national, state, metropolitan market, and property levels, along with CMS 5-Star data.
NIC has engaged the ProMatura Group, one of the industry’s leading market research companies, to collect market fundamentals data on more than 14,000 properties across the 140 largest metropolitan markets in the United States. ProMatura has functioned in this capacity since the onset of NIC MAP, dating back to the original pilot study in 2003, and during this time has conducted nearly half a million property surveys on behalf of NIC. This partnership has allowed NIC to deliver on its mission of bringing transparency to the industry and establishing itself as a leader in commercial real estate data and analytics.
Prime Care Technologies
NIC and Prime Care Technologies (PCT) have engaged in a data collection initiative that aims to provide more timely, accurate and accessible data on the skilled nursing sector. NIC and PCT, through their respective relationships and technology platforms, will collect key financial data on a monthly basis. All data contributors will receive a complimentary summary report as well as a benchmarking report to compare their portfolio to the aggregate database.All released data is reported in aggregate and complete confidentiality is provided with regard to individual property and company performance data.
The Real Estate Research Institute (RERI) is a non-profit organization created to stimulate high quality research on real estate investment performance and market fundamentals that will elevate the quality of real estate decision making. RERI’s mission is to encourage research that applies academic theory and analytic techniques to real estate investment decision-making. RERI was incorporate in 1987 in recognition that real estate as an asset class suffers from a limited base of performance and market information and a scarcity of rigorous, objective analyses of its behavior and, therefore, acceptance of the asset class has been hampered. NIC is an Annual Research Sponsor of RERI, and Chuck Harry, NIC’s managing director and director of research and analytics, is a member of the RERI Advisory Board.
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