NIC Talks: Insightful Conversations on the Future of Aging

We started NIC Talks at our 2015 fall conference as a way to stimulate conversation, innovation, and future thinking for NIC participants, as we know our industry is facing major changes with the coming of the Baby Boomers.

Every year our team searches for the most provocative ideas and voices to share with you, and this year is no exception.

These talks, today and tomorrow, will touch on trends, the latest research, and areas for potential investment and collaboration. Our speakers are leading advocates and pioneers in the fields of healthcare, aging, connected intelligence, workplace culture, improvisation, and technology.

We made a conscious decision this year to invite innovators from outside our industry to provide nearly all of the talks and gave all of our speakers the same challenge: How is your work changing the future of aging? We encourage you to listen to these disruptors—not just for the specific content of their talks—but for their ways of viewing the world and for the implications for the elders we serve. Remember, in a time of disruptive innovation in our industry, you want to be a disruptor, not the disrupted. Those who are disrupted usually go out of business.



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