Partners & Alliances


The Premier and Official Corporate Partners of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC) are instrumental in NIC’s mission to enable access and choice by providing data, analytics and connections. Their support allows NIC to host industry-leading conferences, prepare new leaders through academic programs and scholarships, produce the industry’s most reliable and accurate data and analyses, and drive innovation and thought-leadership through publications and events.

Partners’ brands are closely associated with NIC year-round, through the NIC website, select marketing communications, and publications. Partners receive valuable event-related benefits, along with the knowledge that their support helps advance the industry.

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Software Partners

NIC Software Partners are those companies who have been certified as having successfully created standardized reporting that allows senior housing and care operators to report data easily and accurately. The certification, and the standardization it provides, makes reporting turnkey, thereby increasing the number of participating contributors. Broad industry participation enhances transparency and contributes to NIC’s ability to deliver on its mission of enabling access and choice in senior housing.

Seniors Housing Sector Alliances

Many organizations in the senior housing sector actively support the delivery of our mission through their alliances and sponsorships across our many initiatives.

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