Research & Analytics

NIC’s Research & Analytics group interprets data and analyzes trends in the seniors housing and care sector as they relate to and affect capital seekers (owners, operators, and developers) and capital providers (debt and equity entities). Our goal to improve the transparency and understanding of the sector in order to increase the flow of capital into the sector, and lower its costs in order to generate quality housing options and outcomes for seniors.

What We Do

For more than 10 years, NIC has been the go-to source for market data and analysis on seniors housing and care. Research & Analytics provides accurate, actionable, and timely market fundamentals data (for example, inventory, occupancy, and rents) and sales transactions metrics. Our insights into the market dynamics of the sector are determined through various time series data:

        – Supply and demand indicators

        – Property transactions data

        – Financial metrics

        – Investment performance measurements

In 2016, NIC is expanding its market coverage to the nation’s largest 140 metro markets. Looking ahead, NIC is developing other significant indicators such as financial and operational metrics (e.g., revenues, expenses, and margins), skilled nursing quality mix indicators, lender volumes, and attitudinal indices, as well as other data and analysis to increase the transparency and understanding of the sector.

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