Research Shows Senior Living Communities Promote Wellness and Healthy Aging 

June 18, 2024

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NORC at the University of Chicago recently completed the final research component of a four-part study that focused on the health outcomes of individuals residing in senior housing communities. This study, funded with a grant from NIC, shows that there are health and wellness advantages for older adults who move into senior living compared to living in the greater community.

People in senior living:

  • Experience Decreased Vulnerability Older adults become more vulnerable to adverse health outcomes before they move into senior housing, but vulnerability levels off and declines shortly after moving in. Learn More 
  • Receive More Healthcare Services at Home  Older adults who move into senior living receive more healthcare services from care providers in their home compared to older adults who live in the community, including more primary care services and more visits from specialty providers such as podiatrists, psychiatrists, and cardiologists. 
  • Have Increased Longevity  Older adults who move into senior living live more than one week longer and have a lower mortality rate than older adults who live in the community. They also receive more home healthcare days, obtain more days of home-based preventative and rehabilitative services, and spend less time on antipsychotics. Learn More 
  • Experience Better Health Outcomes  Older adults who move into senior living experience lower rates of inpatient hospital admissions despite higher utilization of the emergency department. Learn More 

Susan Barlow, co-founder at Blue Moon Capital Partners and Chair of NIC’s Board of Directors“Senior housing plays a critical role in the overall health and well-being of the residents who call our communities home. It’s clear that there is tremendous opportunity for meaningful partnerships between operators and payors.”

Susan Barlow 
Co-Founder & Managing Partner 
Blue Moon Capital