Senior Housing Market Conditions Hub

Senior housing market conditions in 2023 are evolving quickly, providing challenges and opportunities for senior housing and care. NIC is committed to helping industry participants navigate today’s market by doing what we do best—providing transparency and insights to the sector—so you can do what you do best—providing housing and care for older adults.

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Understand Factors Shaping the Outlook for Senior Housing

and Care

Capital Markets Trends

  • Financing considerations  
    • Cost and availability of credit 
  • Valuation considerations
    • Cap rates, interest rates, price per unit (PPU)
    • Transactions volumes and trades
    • Conditions in other commercial real estate (CRE) property types

Operational Trends

  • Market fundamentals
  • Supply pipelines
  • Demand drivers
  • Occupancy patterns by property type and geographic location

Economic Conditions

  • Inflation
  • Federal Reserve policy
  • GDP growth
  • Employment conditions


NIC Lending Trends Report

A unique spotlight on the debt market for senior housing and nursing care, reflecting lending activity of senior housing and care debt providers across the U.S. Published quarterly.

NIC Intra-Quarterly Snapshot

Insights on senior housing inventory growth and occupancy rates; analysis of data reported by NIC MAP Vision. Published monthly.

Executive Survey Insights

An important benchmark report on current operations, real time survey results allow the market to be better informed. Published monthly.

Recent Articles and Media Coverage

This page offers timely insights for senior housing operators, capital providers, and transactional services providers, as well as institutional real estate investors, turnaround consultants, workout lenders, impact fund investors, family offices, and others interested in senior housing investment and operations.

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