Careers at NIC

Be part of a team tackling a key issue facing our nation: the provision of housing and care for the ever-growing population of America’s elders.

NIC staff work at the heart of investment in the multi-billion-dollar seniors housing and care industry. We have an almost 30-year track record as a trailblazer and trendsetter in seniors housing and care, and continue to pioneer transparency and innovation in investing, research, education, and data.

Our Enterprise Values


Make Grandma Proud

We are proud of our hard work, dedication to high standards, and commitment to doing the right thing

Be Trustworthy

We work with honesty, integrity, and positive intent, while remaining focused on the best interests of the organization.

Be Dependable

We each do what we say we’re going to do and always put forth our best effort.

Be a Spark

We are in constant pursuit of innovation and progress, enthusiastically embracing positivity, new ideas, and solutions.

Respect Differences

We are respectful of the various life experiences and perspectives each of us brings to the workplace.

Invest in Yourself

We take the time to learn new skills, expand outside our comfort zone, and find balance between our work and personal life.

Make Time for Fun

We embrace laughter, comradery, and levity to more fully enjoy work, life, and our relationships.

Partner with Others

We believe that the sum of all of our talents and perspectives is more powerful than any one person’s contribution.

Make a Difference

Each of us individually contributes to the mission of NIC as we strive to make the world a better place, particularly for America’s seniors.

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