Analyze National Trends and Drill Down into Local Market Data, too.

Professional is customizable by your geographical needs with access to a searchable database of communities by metro area, county, address, city, and/or zip code. It also includes historical time-series data by property and community type, aggregated at the national, regional, metro, and county levels.


Professional Includes Access to the Following Key Features:

    • Database of over 15,000 seniors housing and nursing care communities.
    • Construction pipeline data.
    • Property-level sales transactions updated weekly.
    • Aggregated occupancy and rate comps by trade area.
    • Supply & demand time-series data.
    • Market-level summary reports.
    • Data cuts available by property type, community type, and segment type.

Key Users:

    • Advisory Firms
    • Analysts
    • Institutional Investors



“We leverage NIC MAP data in a lot of ways. We use it any time that we’re analyzing new portfolios, and to look at our existing portfolio of senior housing communities, for performance comparisons in their respective markets.”

Jonathan Judd, Senior Director – Research and Corporate Strategy, Healthpeak Properties, Inc.



The Most Trusted Data for Seniors Housing & Care

NIC MAP® Data Service is the premier provider of unbiased market data for the seniors housing and care sector. With over 14 years of comprehensive, time-series market data, NIC MAP informs seniors housing investment decisions across 140 U.S. metropolitan markets.

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