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Get to know some of the leading voices and business leaders influencing seniors housing and skilled nursing today. Expect a little more humor, a few good stories from the frontlines, and perhaps a priceless insight gained from deep experience.  

Cindy Baier – Episode 12

Cindy Baier, President and CEO of Brookdale Senior Living—the nation’s largest senior living operator in the country—shares how growing up on a farm taught her the benefit of hard work. She tackles tough problems by studying them from every angle, utilizing a team with diverse perspectives, and putting every idea on the table, even the unlikely ones. Baier talks about the rewarding connections and relationships Brookdale staff have with residents–what she calls a “second paycheck”–and how this industry is unmatched with opportunities to make a difference.

Tana Gall – Episode 11

Tana Gall, President of Merrill Gardens—a private, family-owned company based in Seattle, Washington—chats with Beth Mace about growing up in a town of just 324 people in eastern Washington to now running a company that operates 70 communities across 20 states in the U.S. Gall shares tactics that have helped keep costs down in their moderately priced communities, and how they’ve had success reducing staff turnover.

Peter Kane – Episode 10

Peter Kane, Managing Director and Group Head, Healthcare Banking at CIBC US, has been involved in financing senior housing since 1998, with a team that’s been together more than 15 years. Listen in as he and Beth Mace discuss the challenges of financing through the pandemic, particularly with skilled nursing, which is Kane’s specialty, and what is happening in the market today. On a more personal note, you’ll hear about Kane’s upbringing in a large family, and his experience on the golf course with Michael Jordan.

Brendan Healy and Scott Tittle – On the Road – Episode 9

VIUM Capital’s Brendan Healy, Senior Managing Director, and Scott Tittle, Managing Director, Head of Governmental Relations and External Affairs, share their perspectives on how the pandemic has reshaped the industry, where they see the business heading over the next few years, and their thoughts on how to overcome today’s labor challenges. You’ll hear some things that will surprise you!

Don Husi – On the Road – Episode 8

Don Husi, Managing Director of the Senior Housing & Care Finance team at Ziegler, offers inspiring perspectives from more than 30 years in the industry. In this engaging conversation with NIC’s Beth Mace, Husi shares his thoughts on growing talent in the industry and innovative ideas to strengthen the sector. Listen now!

Kelly Cook Andress – Episode 07

Kelly Cook Andress, President, Sage Senior Living, talks to Beth Mace about her early career working for the legendary Paul Klaassen of Sunrise Senior Living, how she runs her own 1,265 unit business like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and how sleeping on the floor of a 1-bed apartment in New York for three weeks inspired improvements in her communities’ resident apartment designs.

Ed Williams – Episode 06

Ed Williams is a Managing Director in Berkadia’s senior housing and healthcare group, one of the largest HUD lenders in the senior housing and care sector. In this episode, Williams shares with NIC Chief Economist Beth Mace how working in the industry has allowed him to combine his passions for caring for seniors, and for crunching numbers. They discuss the differences in HUD, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae lending – but discover plenty of personal similarities, both coming from large families, overcoming adversity, and employing tenacity and persistence to achieve early success in their careers.

John Moore – Episode 05

You may know that with the recent acquisition of Holiday Retirement, Atria Senior Living has expanded to 447 communities across 45 states and seven Canadian provinces. But did you know that Atria’s Chairman and CEO, John Moore, owns a restaurant in Louisville that serves best-in-class bourbon, whiskey, and scotch? And would you like to know what the “B-52 of senior living” is? Listen to NIC Chief Economist Beth Mace’s conversation with Mr. Moore, for some ‘aha’ moments on the future of senior living – and a few insights of a more personal nature from a leader who is driving that future today.

Gaurie Rodman – Episode 04

Host Beth Mace sits down with Gaurie Rodman, Director of Development Services at Aptura, a Direct Supply Company to learn her vision for the future of senior housing design, including meeting the needs of the ‘forgotten middle,’ and evolving the senior living built environment post-pandemic. You’ll also hear about Rodman’s emigration to Milwaukee from Sri Lanka with two suitcases and $20, her first business, her host moms, and her connection to the world of rock and roll!

Kathy Sweeney – Episode 03

What do Bill Clinton, Pierce Brosnan, and the founding of one of the leading woman-owned businesses in seniors housing & care have in common? Listen to NIC Chief Economist Beth Mace interview Kathryn Sweeney, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Blue Moon Capital Partners LP, to find out! In this NIC Chats episode, hear about Sweeney’s approach to business, the importance of having a personal perspective in investing, and how the industry will grow in the coming post-pandemic years.

Scott Thurman – Episode 02

In this authentic, engaging interview, Beth chats with industry thought-leader Scott Thurman, Chief Credit Officer, HUD Lending at Greystone, who’s responsible for over $1 billion in FHA lending in the sector. You’ll hear Thurman’s insights on the state of the industry today, suggestions for growing talent in seniors housing, his personal and career influences, plus his Lego collection! 

Bob Kramer – Episode 01

You may think you know industry thought leader Bob Kramer, NIC co-founder & strategic advisor and founder of Nexus Insights, but in this engaging interview, you’ll learn some things that may surprise you. Kramer shares stories on how he started in the seniors housing industry, his tips on living an authentic life, his insights on the future, and even his taste for rock concerts!

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