The Forgotten Middle: Middle Market Seniors Housing Study

April 9, 2019

In partnership with NORC

Middle Market • Research Study

This NIC-funded demand study, which was conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, is the first of its kind and defines American’s large middle-income seniors’ cohort–not only by its demographic characteristics but its housing and healthcare needs—today and in 2029. The study includes data, by income cohorts, that capture:

  • level of cognitive impairment
  • chronic conditions
  • mobility limitations

The middle market includes Americans who have too much in financial resources to qualify for government support programs such as Medicaid, but not enough to pay most private pay options for very long. If policymakers fail to act, aging middle-income earners risk exhausting their savings on long-term care, threatening their financial security and Medicaid’s long-term sustainability.

In addition to providing data to inform housing and healthcare policy, this research offers insights for institutional investors, capital providers and operators. We hope it serves to spark a national discussion among policy makers and private sector entrepreneurs on how housing and services can be provided to the underserved middle-income senior.

The results of The Forgotten Middle: Middle Market Seniors Housing Study were presented through two events:

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