Well-Timed Recaps of the Data You Need

Stay ahead of market trends affecting your senior housing and care investment strategy with reports from NIC MAP®, powered by NIC MAP Vision. NIC MAP reports provide you with actionable, transparent, relevant, and current information you can use to make informed investment decisions.

Quarterly Reports Include:

  • Seniors Housing and Care Market Performance Report: The NIC MAP Seniors Housing & Care Market Performance Report provides a snapshot of performance for the current quarter, prior quarter and one year ago for each of the primary metro markets, inclusive of occupancy, rate, inventory, absorption and penetration rate benchmarks.
  • Metro Market Reports: NIC MAP Metro Market Reports, provides a market overview by property type of supply and demand metrics, including existing inventory, occupancy, construction levels, rate growth, and absorption trends for the current quarter in PDF format. A Metro Market Report: Additional Markets is also available.
  • Inventory and Construction Reports: NIC MAP Inventory & Construction Reports provide a detailed inventory of new construction, open and expansion communities as of the current quarter. Data fields include property name, property address, phone number, year open, primary payment type, primary contract type, operator and total inventory by unit type.
  • Construction Monitor: The NIC MAP Construction Monitor provides a market-level summary of construction activity across all metro markets by property type. Comparative inventory levels and construction levels inclusive of units started in the quarter and TTM starts are reported.
  • RCA-NIC Seniors Housing & Care Reports: The RCA-NIC Report identifies investment trend activity through quarterly time series, provides market fundamentals, ranks top buyers and top sellers, pinpoints dealmakers in the seniors housing and nursing care market, and provides details for each transaction. The report provides independent, unbiased information to monitor sales, track pricing, gather competitive information and identify market trends as of the current quarter.
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