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NIC MAP Unveils New Website and Interactive Online Tools to Complement Official Expansion to Top 100 Markets

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NIC MAP Unveils New Website and Interactive Online Tools
to Complement Official Expansion to Top 100 Markets

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Annapolis, Md. – NIC MAP®, the leading data and analysis service for the seniors housing and care industry, has announced a redesigned and improved website that includes new interactive benchmarking tools and slimmed down print reports. These upgrades enhance NIC MAP’s official expansion of full market coverage to the top 100 U.S. metropolitan markets in June, according to the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry (NIC), owner of the subscription-based service.

“We have been eagerly anticipating NIC MAP’s expansion to the secondary markets where many of our properties are located. With the upgraded tools and reports they now offer, we are much better able to compare our performance to others – locally and nationally,” said Paul Boethel, director, financial planning & analysis for Holiday Retirement Communities. The new NIC MAP website was not only redesigned, but was also built on a more sophisticated and expanded database. Enhancements include easier navigation, NIC MAP training resources, a glossary of industry terms, and a “News & Events” section that links to recent press releases, articles and events in which NIC MAP data is featured.

The site also provides subscribers with more flexible reporting options. For example, they can more easily find and manipulate data when they want to pull specific figures for use in their own reporting and presentations.

Some of the online tools available to subscribers are:

  • MAP Local: Allows users to find specific properties and download detailed property reports, find comparable properties and compare aggregate property performance to county and metro benchmarks.
  • MAP Trends: Analyzes seniors housing performance on 9 key metrics at the metro level in the top 31 metropolitan markets.
  • MAP Rankings: Provides rankings based on 13 key metrics and for all 100 metros.
  • MAP Analyst: Drills down on specific metrics and property characteristics to quickly assess detailed market level conditions.

“Since NIC MAP was launched in 2004, we’ve continued to refine our products to provide easily accessible data to seniors housing providers and financiers to help them operate more effectively,” said Michael A. Hargrave, vice president – NIC MAP.

Quarterly reports now contain market and submarket property data on occupancy, rent, supply and demand; inventory and construction activity by primary market; and industry-wide and market-specific fundamentals and trends.

“Whether you are a large public company or a standalone property, NIC MAP can help you benchmark your asset against the competition,” said Casey Moore, managing director, Red Capital Group, and chair of the task force that helped create NIC MAP. “The reports are easy to use and offer market insights into the seniors housing and care industry that no other data and analysis service provides.”

A price range of reports are available, based on the number of markets selected. “For example, purchasing one report in one market can be as low as $299,” continued Moore. “But the market knowledge gained makes it worth much more.”

For more information, visit or call (410) 267-0504.

About NIC

Founded in 1991, the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry is a nonprofit education and research organization providing information about business strategy and capital formation for the senior living industry. NIC is the leading provider of historical and trend data on the industry through its NIC MAP® Data and Analysis Service that tracks properties in the 100 largest metropolitan areas and its Key Financial Indicators™ (KFIs) that report nationwide statistics. Proceeds from its annual conference and other events are used to fund data and research on issues of importance to lenders, investors, developers, operators, and others interested in meeting the housing and care needs of America’s seniors. For more information, visit or call (410) 267-0504.

NIC MAP is the seniors housing & care industry’s leading data provider, tracking revenue, occupancy, supply and construction data in America’s top 100 metro markets. The NIC MAP database includes over 12,300 market rate seniors housing and nursing care properties. For more information, visit or call (410) 267-0504.

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