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New Research Impacts Retirement Policy

How much of the average retiree’s Social Security income is left after paying for medical care? How does health impact wealth in retirement?  How much of a role can home equity play to provide security in old-age? These questions and many others were explored at the 19th annual Retirement Research Consortium Meeting, which was held on August 3-4 at the…
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Palliative Care: The Next Frontier in Patient-Centered Care and a Value Proposition for Seniors Housing

The focus of modern medicine has been centered squarely in the curative camp for a long time. As Atul Gawande put it in his recent New Yorker article, modern medicine is a practice in “rescue medicine,” meaning the goal of treatment is to immediately and summarily save the patient. Unfortunately, in life, some diagnoses are not so easily remedied.…
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NIC Skilled Nursing Data: Key Takeaways from the First-Quarter 2017 Report

NIC has just released its first quarter 2017 Skilled Nursing Data Report, which includes key monthly data points from April 2012 through March 2017. The current report is based on data collected monthly, but reported quarterly, from approximately 20 operators and 1,500 properties.  While NIC continues to add more operators and properties to the data set with the goal of…
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State Medicaid Programs in Quite a State

The public discourse recently has narrowed on the big capital “R” reforms potentially coming down from the federal government on states regarding their Medicaid funding. Meanwhile,  states themselves have a lot on their plates regarding Medicaid, despite the uncertainty of the future of the program and its financing. Some states, like North Carolina and Kansas, are still grappling with Medicaid…
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Skilled Nursing Environment Calls for Strategic Responses

While the skilled nursing sector faces challenging headwinds, it also offers a number of distinct opportunities which were outlined at the recent 2017 NIC Spring Investment Forum. Several educational sessions addressed market conditions and how operators can boost values by measuring outcomes and partnering with other health care providers.…
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