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Why Matters

As our healthcare system continues to shift from the  fee-for-service payment and delivery model to a value-based system, the seniors housing and skilled nursing sector will increasingly experience significant change. Not only policy, but demographic change, workforce issues, evolving consumer expectations and the dynamics of competitive markets are beginning to drive a period of disruption featuring a host of new challenges – and exciting opportunities – for the sector. 

Perhaps chief among these is the emerging need for seniors housing and care owners, operators and investors to collaborate with the healthcare system. Upstream and down, players across the spectrum of healthcare are already beginning to take an interest in bringing their services into the homes of the elderly, particularly those high-need high-cost seniors that account for the lion’s share of healthcare costs in the US. Not to do so will make it all the more difficult for them to be successful. 

Of course, this may be unfamiliar ground for many in the seniors housing and skilled nursing sector and its prospective partners in healthcare. They have as much to learn about each other as they have a pressing need to do so. That is why NIC just launched This microsite is designed to inform, and to encourage contributions from leaders across both healthcare and seniors housing and care. The site offers a wealth of thought-leadership, with curated news, op-eds, case studies, white papers, videos, and other materials, all focused on the realities of healthcare collaboration with seniors housing and care.  

In addition to frequent updates to news and educational materials, the site features the Housing and Healthcare blog, focused on the challenges, opportunities, news, and practical realities that decision-makers are encountering on this topic. NIC is inviting those with expertise and experience to submit their blog post ideas via the site’s simple submission form. Weekly posts will feature these industry insights, as well as our own observations, interviews, and analysis. The more perspectives and voices the blog reflects, the more it will become an essential – and unique – resource. 

Recent headlines, which can be found on the site’s Resources page, reflect an accelerating spate of merger and acquisition activity, much of which features new partnerships across old silos. Leading journals are publishing more news and analysis on the emerging need to deliver healthcare services to seniors beyond traditional retail and healthcare venues. Stories on corporate efforts to capture the promise of added value and cost-savings through new value-based partnerships are on the rise. Every headline to be found on links to a story that is relevant to our sector. 

The site also offers information and links to a growing number of events that are highly relevant to the concept of collaboration across housing and healthcare. The 2019 NIC Spring Conference, in particular, has a focus on the thesis, and has been attracting a small but growing cadre of leaders from the healthcare industry.  In service to our mission, NIC has made relevant conference content available on this microsite as well, to help encourage education and the sharing of ideas. Organizers may submit information for relevant upcoming events through the site, for inclusion. 

Anyone interested in thought-leadership, ideas, analysis, and even networking opportunities concerning collaboration between the seniors housing and care and healthcare sectors will value the content now available to them via In a time of rapid change, information, ideas, news, and opportunities to make new connections can be essential to success. Beyond the challenges, real opportunities exist, promising improved outcomes, as well as greater access and choice for America’s seniors. And that matters.

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