2019 Spring Conference


Insights and Collaboration to Foster Success Today – and Tomorrow.

Join over 1,500 decision-makers from across the seniors housing and care sector for the high-quality networking, relationship building, and insights that the industry has come to expect from NIC.

Investors, operators, owners, and developers, as well as a growing number of current and potential healthcare partners, will hear:

  • The latest thinking on where the seniors housing and care sector is heading
  • How challenges of a changing landscape can create new opportunities and
  • Why collaborative relationships are critical to success as our sector adapts to policy and demographic shifts

Through three days of efficient networking and high-caliber sessions, “The NIC” facilitates the connections that are needed today, while inspiring the vision and drive it will take to continue to improve access and choice for America’s seniors.

Understand Key Challenges and Opportunities

The Spring Conference offers an expertly curated program of thought-leadership. Educational sessions will address the impact of key areas, with a focus on adapting to a changing market:

  • value-based care
  • changes in payment systems
  • valuations
  • healthcare collaboration
  • new cash flow businesses
  • new partnership opportunities

Identify Valuable Solutions

Learn the latest market trends from leaders in the sector. Participate in small group discussions with peers on best practices. The 2019 Spring Conference offers a wealth of value. Each day presents an abundance of information through shared data, insights, ideas, frank discussions, and case-studies.

Meet New Partners

In addition to the seniors housing investors, developers and operators who have made “The NIC” a must-go conference of the year, healthcare providers who have an active interest in partnering to leverage opportunities in senior care collaboration are important new stakeholders. We encourage operators to invite the healthcare partners to join them in this unique opportunity to gain a deep understanding of seniors housing and care. There’s no better place to start building the partnerships that will address the needs of residents in a value-based world.

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