Skilled Nursing COVID-19 Tracker

View weekly rate of change in skilled nursing facilities, by geography

NIC’s Skilled Nursing COVID-19 Tracker (SNF Tracker) shows the week-over-week change rate for new resident cases of COVID-19 within skilled nursing facilities on a per-facility basis, by geography. The data is displayed in an easy-to-use interactive dashboard that allows sorts down to the county level.

The SNF Tracker provides an indicator on the rate of virus spread within skilled nursing communities by geographic location, offering a way to better understand where cases are spreading, slowing, or remaining flat. Data show incremental confirmed cases week-over-week on a per-facility basis, percent of residents with newly confirmed cases, and occupancy changes (based on CMS data) in same store* skilled nursing facilities.

  • Interactive dashboard. Sort by map, or filter by U.S. region, subregion, state, and county
  • Week-over-week comparisons at both state and county levels
  • Rate of change of confirmed cases
  • Time series trends, including change in cases and occupancy

Additional Details:

    • Tracker data provides a per-facility metric, enabling a more direct comparison between geographic areas while normalizing for the number of skilled nursing facilities.
    • Tracking new cases per facility rather than the cumulative number of cases over time provides a metric more sensitive to changes in current COVID-19 testing reach and reach of the virus among residents.
    • Tracker data shows week-to-week changes in new cases per facility to indicate where the virus is accelerating its spread and where the spread of the virus is slowing, subject to limitations in the reach, and timing of testing and reporting.
    • Data is derived from the Nursing Home COVID-19 Public File, the most comprehensive and timely set of data available, as captured by the CDC and reported out by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Only those facilities that submitted data for the reporting week and passed the CDC’s Quality Assurance checks, are included. Additionally, facilities that did not provide total number of beds or occupied beds or where occupied number of beds were greater than total number of beds were excluded.

SNF Tracker data* includes

    • Facility Count (Same Store)
    • New COVID-19 Confirmed Cases
    • New COVID-19 Confirmed Cases/Same Store Facilities
    • New COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Percent of Residents
    • Occupancy/Same Store – Based on CMS Data
    • Week-over-Week Change in Confirmed Cases/Same Store Facilities
    • List of same-store facilities (COVID-19 Confirmed Cases –current & prior week)

*Results calculated using “same store” methodology. This methodology includes only those facilities that have reported in both comparison time periods (week-over-week). Facilities reporting in one but not both weeks are removed from the analysis. Total count using same-store metrics will vary from total geographic count provided directly in CDC data.