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See You in San Francisco (at OPTIMIZE)

Helping the seniors housing and care industry provide America’s elders with a variety of appropriate options is part of NIC’s mission. In this era of innovation, in which technology is quickly advancing, payment models are shifting, and a new generation of consumers is driving change, NIC encourages industry decision-makers to stay aware of what’s new and upcoming as they develop plans for the future. As millions of baby boomers approach, they will demand options and will present a range of challenges, many of which should be anticipated today. To that end, we’d like to encourage you to consider attending Aging2.0’s OPTIMIZE Conference.

The event will be held November 14-15, 2018 in San Francisco. It is designed to bring together industry innovators for networking, learning, and building partnerships in the “longevity economy.” Investors, owners, operators, and other stakeholders will hear from industry leaders embracing new models of care. Aging2.0 promises to highlight proven solutions to the biggest challenges and opportunities unfolding in post-acute and senior care. Attendees should expect a fast-paced whirlwind of opportunities to learn about the needs and complexities of the enormous (and growing) older consumer market.

Aging2.0 has historically favored technological innovators, which we at NIC believe hold some of the keys to success in this era of innovative disruption. The conference will feature start up pitch sessions, an investor session, in which startups actively seek to connect with investors, and other tech-related networking opportunities with seed- to pre-IPO companies raising capital. For anyone interested in what is currently emerging in aging-related tech, the conference should offer real value.

Aging2.0 is offering NIC Insider readers a savings of 20% off conference registration with Promotional Code MVP18-NIC.

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