Executive Committee

Bre Grubbs

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer / Leisure Care

Bre Grubbs is Leisure Care’s Chief Strategy Office as well as a Partner in the company. In her current role, Bre guides strategy for Leisure Care’s business development, sales and marketing, and human resource initiatives. Her focus is on collaboration with all company disciplines and external partners, guiding her teams in utilizing data, market research, and community-level experiences to maximize performance and drive responsible growth.

Leisure Care’s philosophy of making a positive impact on the company’s residents, families, employees, and business partners is a driving force in all Bre does. She’s extended this philosophy to her contributions outside of the office as well, with the goal of sharing the career opportunities that existing in senior living with a broader audience. In support of these endeavors, she is Chair Emeritus of the Steering Committee for Washington State’s Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living, the first operations-focused, hospitality-guided senior living program in the US.

She is also actively involved with the NIC, serving on the Fall Conference Planning Committee and the Future Leader’s Oversight Committee. Outside of work, Bre can be found at a baseball field, watching her teenage son play or taking in a Mariner’s game with her family.