NIC Skilled Nursing Boot Camp

 Skilled Nursing Boot Camp: Evaluating the Investment Landscape

Coming Soon in 2023

The Skilled Nursing Boot Camp: Evaluating the Investment Landscape course will define how value is created in skilled nursing. It is designed for those new to the industry, as well as those who desire to stay current in underwriting skilled nursing properties. This course will orient participants to the nuances of skilled nursing. Participants will be able to understand the unique risks associated with skilled nursing and how they may be mitigated.  

Similar to the Seniors Housing Boot Camp course, participants will engage in a case study grounded in today’s reality that will expound on options from the operator’s perspective. It will include mock offers and term sheets. Participants will hear pitches for consideration and determine if they should sell the property, hold and/or retain a new operator. 

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Course Outline 

Industry Overview –  

Hear the latest on the state of skilled nursing trends and changes in the healthcare landscape. 

Skilled Nursing Growth – 

Learn about skilled nursing and its impact. Topics will include changes in underwriting, the value of properties, HUD loans, Medicare and Medicaid, staffing, and more! 

Case Study Overview –  

This fictitious case study will showcase an interactive model of a recently acquired assisted living community that the new owner will to determine if they will sell, hold, and/or retain a new operator-based case study and information provided on acquired property.  

Investment Considerations –  

This discussion will cover reimbursement programs, the importance of partnerships, and newly COVID-related focus areas. It will highlight operator considerations when looking to partner with investors.  

Operational Considerations –  

Participants will review profit and loss statements and learn how to discuss what to look for when assessing a property. Discussions on census overview and how it is trending and why this is important to consider.  

Capital Market Structure –  

Participants will hear insights on what the various components are when looking for proforma and what’s realistic.  

Proposals –  

After reviewing presentations and hearing various pitches, participants will be placed into small group discussions and work in small teams to submit a proposal. Participants will take into consideration the case study and provide their respective recommendations.  

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