NIC Talks: Insightful Conversations on the Future of Aging

NIC Talk videos capture 12-minute talks on the future of aging that debuted at the 25th NIC National Conference. Well-known leaders of the seniors housing and care sector and forward-thinking experts from outside the industry were asked to answer the question, “What do you envision happening over the next 10 years that will revolutionize the aging experience of the first boomer turning 80 in 2026?”

In 2017, the talks focused on the question “Tell us Something We Don’t Already Know About Aging” featuring speakers from within and outside of the seniors housing industry, including anti-ageism activist Ashton Applewhite; well-respected population health expert David Nash; Hasbro executive Ted Fischer; Kim Campbell, widow of the late singer Glen Campbell, and Dan Buettner, NY Times best-selling author of the Blue Zones, who will discuss the implementation of his research for seniors housing and care design.

The NIC Talks will educate, challenge and inspire your thinking about aging, retirement, and the new customer the industry seeks to serve.

2017 NIC Talks

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