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Spring Keynote: Collaboration is not an Option

The 2019 NIC Spring Conference luncheon keynote talk will be delivered by bestselling author, consultant and futurist Ian Morrison. Morrison is an internationally known specialist in long-term forecasting and planning, with an emphasis on the changing business environment in healthcare. Known for his many books and articles on the changing healthcare system – and notorious for his Scottish wit – Morrison is ideally qualified to bring into focus the coming challenges and opportunities facing the seniors housing and care sector. 

With a luncheon audience expected to exceed 1,200 leaders in the space, including a small but growing number of executives from the healthcare sector, Morrison will have the ear of many of America’s seniors housing and care decision makers.  

While most conference attendees are executives in real-estate based businesses, healthcare partnerships are expected to be an essential component to success in coming years. Healthcare stakeholders, who have an active interest in understanding the opportunities in senior care collaboration – but may never have done so before – are investigating potential partnerships as they seek to address the needs of their patients in a value-based world. 

As the healthcare system adjusts to a value-based model, and as fundamental shifts in demographics, consumer demands, payment systems and business models form a new paradigm of healthcare delivery and payment, the seniors housing & care sector will need to adapt. Collaboration with new healthcare partners will not be an option, but a requirement, in a system increasingly focused on achieving better outcomes at lower costs.  

Be prepared for an engaging and convincing account of what lies just ahead for the sector, and even for a touch of wry humor, as Morrison applies his unique experience and perspective to the task of inspiring us to think differently about the role of our sector within a larger system in flux. 



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