National Volunteer Week – Celebrating NIC Volunteers!

April 25, 2024

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Volunteering with NIC provides the opportunity to give back to the senior housing and care industry, network and collaborate with other subject matter experts, and partner with NIC staff to accomplish our strategic objectives. In late 2023, the NIC Board of Directors approved a new governance structure. NIC now has over 200 volunteer leadership roles on our Board and Standing Committees, and opportunities to create and deliver thought leadership content in support of our core business and focus areas. I asked two of NIC’s passionate volunteers why they got involved, and what keeps them engaged.  

Bre Grubbs – Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Leisure Care: “I first became involved with NIC when I joined the Future Leaders Council (FLC) in 2011. I had been a NIC MAP user prior to that, but the FLC experience demonstrated the power and value of the relationships that being a volunteer leader for NIC fosters. Since then, I’ve continued to volunteer through the Spring and Fall Conference Program Committees, as a member of the FLC Advisory Committee, and most recently by joining the NIC Board of Directors.  

Volunteering with NIC is rewarding, it’s fun, and gives me the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the content of our conferences and to the continued evolution of our industry. I appreciate that there are so many ways to get involved, no matter your role in the industry or how much time you have to give.” 

Azhar Jameeli – Managing Director, IRA Capital: “My decision to join the Data and Analytics Conference Program Committee last year stemmed from a desire to bridge the gap between my vocation and avocation. Having dedicated the better part of two decades to the senior housing industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand the disparity in data and analytics compared to adjacent sectors. This discrepancy not only hinders our industry’s growth but also perpetuates the misconception of senior housing as less institutional and sophisticated. 

By actively participating in the work of the Committee, I’ve experienced firsthand the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. The opportunity to contribute my expertise and insights alongside fellow industry leaders has been incredibly rewarding. Together, we are driving meaningful change and shaping the future of senior housing. In joining this committee, I’ve found a platform to channel my passion for senior housing into tangible progress. It’s not just about advancing the industry; it’s about realizing its full potential and ensuring it remains a cornerstone of care and community.”  

Many thanks to all NIC volunteers for their efforts to inform and advance the senior housing and care industry. Learn more about volunteering with NIC: NIC Volunteer Opportunities.