Leadership Braindate

Learn from Each Other.

The seniors housing and care sector faces unique challenges in managing the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help you connect with others in the industry facing similar challenges, and those with knowledge to assist, we’re launching NIC Leadership braindate, a series of virtual conversations that facilitates experiential peer learning.

Start and join meetings with other leaders throughout the industry who share your interests or challenges, for learning-focused conversations about the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

What is a Leadership braindate?

You came here to collaborate with leaders and learn about the pandemic’s impact on our industry. But how do you spark these critical conversations? It all starts with a braindate. Braindates are about sharing knowledge. They are one-on-one or group conversations (of up to five people).

Follow the steps below to schedule a complimentary Leadership braindate. Once you book, you’ll join them at the proposed time for a virtual one-on-one or group conversation.

How it Works:

  1. Log into the NIC Leadership braindate platform: niccovid.braindate.com using the e-mail address to which your invitation e-mail was sent.
    • If you have participated in a previous NIC braindate, the password you used previously is still valid.
    • If you have not participated in a previous NIC braindate you will be prompted to set up a password.
  1. Explore the Market – where you can create a braindate or join an existing braindate.

If you haven’t received a formal invitation to join the NIC Leadership braindate on COVID-19 and you would like participate, follow these instructions.
  • Go to niccovid.braindate.com.
  • Click on “Sign Up” in the top right corner; enter the activation code nicbraindate
    • You will then be prompted to enter your email address and create a password

NIC is pleased to offer this virtual platform so that you can connect and learn from one another during this unprecedented time. Have a question about access? Email phardy@nic.org for assistance.



To be notified about future Leadership braindate events, complete the following form:

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