Skilled Nursing Data Report

“As a capital provider focused on the senior care industry, we find great value in NIC’s skilled nursing data. NIC’s tracking of skilled nursing metrics is reliable, timely, and this data is vital to understanding the industry and making informed decisions.”

 – Lee S. Delaveris, Vice President, Healthcare Mortgage Banking, KeyBank


Kurt Read, Principal, RSF Partners


Each operator who contributes data to NIC on a monthly basis receives a benchmark comparison report, as well as access to two NIC MAP® webinars in 2019. All contributor data is confidential.



Valued Data for Skilled Nursing Investors and Operators

NIC has been helping to build transparency in seniors housing and care since 1991. As the sector is facing significant change with increased high-acuity residents and shifts to value-based care, it is critical that skilled nursing investors and operators also have access to data that are both timely and accurate. Given the insufficient data currently available, notably the outdated and cumbersome government-provided data, NIC’s skilled nursing data resources are invaluable to those investing in this increasingly important sector.

We are committed to continuing to enhance our data and analytics in the more fragmented skilled nursing sector to drive the transparency that ultimately enables informed investment decisions.

The Challenges of Securing Needed Capital for Skilled Nursing

  • A tremendous need for capital exists, both to upgrade technology and to reposition or replace aging buildings to meet the demands of higher-acuity patients as well as payors and care partners. With half of the skilled nursing properties in the top 99 metro markets having been built before 1980, investment in real estate and operations is imperative for future success
  • Significant amounts of capital currently flow into the seniors housing and care industry with the majority being allocated to private pay seniors housing. The lack of available data and transparency in skilled nursing, relative to seniors housing, contributes to a lower level of investment in the sector.
  • The skilled nursing sector needs to attract new investors, e.g. real estate investors and private equity health care investors, to fund the needed transformation of buildings and technology and to prepare for the oncoming wave of aging Americans.
  • To gain investor confidence, the sector must be able to access and deliver better data that is timely, relevant, and consistent.


NIC Quarterly Skilled Nursing Report

NIC has created a confidential skilled nursing database that provides key revenue and occupancy trends on skilled nursing properties to sector stakeholders, including operators and investors. The NIC Skilled Nursing Data Report features time-series data starting January 2012:

  • Occupancy
  • Managed Medicare
  • Urban/Rural
  • Revenue per patient day by payor source
  • Quality mix
  • Skilled mix
  • Patient day mix
  • Revenue mix

The current data report features time-series data starting January 2012 and reports are issued quarterly. The data in each report release should not be interpreted as a census survey for the skilled nursing properties within the United States, but only a representation of the property count and state count in each particular report.

We encourage skilled nursing operators to contribute to this initiative in order to expand the data set and reporting capabilities. Benefits of participation include:

  • Exclusive, complimentary access to quality metrics, including PointRight data
  • A complimentary monthly benchmark report compared to the latest national data
  • Access to NIC MAP webinars and subject matter experts Chief Economist Beth Mace and Senior Principal Bill Kauffman

Skilled Nursing Quality Metrics

Through NIC’s partnership with PointRight, NIC MAP® Data Service clients will have access to the following PointRight reports at both the metro and property levels:

  • PointRight Pro 30® Adjusted Rehospitalization Rate
  • PointRight® Pro Long Stay Adjusted Hospitalization Rate
  • CMS Overall Five-Star Rating
  • CMS Survey Deficiencies (Property level only)

We welcome opportunities to expand our partnerships and the associated data that will serve to expand transparency and grow investments in the skilled nursing sector.

Submit your data. Get these Metrics:

Occupancy | ADR by Payor Class (includes Managed Medicare) |
Overall Revenue Trends | Skilled Mix | Quality Mix | Patient Day Mix

Bill Kauffman, Senior Principal, NIC

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