Informed Decisions Based on Actionable Data


NIC MAP’s products offer you the timely data you need to:

  • Measure and benchmark property performance in the market.
  • Segment competition in a primary market.
  • Identify the markets that present opportunities.
  • Stay ahead of industry and market trends.
  • Drive decision-making processes in underwriting.
  • Manage risk.

With NIC MAP’s web-based tools, you are able to analyze information quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently, no matter where you are or when you need it.

Choose Your Product

NIC MAP features four product offerings—Professional, Local and Fundamentals & Insights—that can be customized based on your geographical needs. Quarterly reports are also available for purchase without a subscription.

More information about our four service offerings is below.

Professional: Local Market Data & National Trends

NIC MAP’s Professional subscription service offering includes both the tools of Local‘s reliable market data, as well as Fundamentals & Insights‘ national trends. Frequently used by owners, operators, and capital providers, Professional features map-based search capabilities displaying market activity by metro area, county, address, city, and/or zip code. It also includes historical time-series data by property and campus type, aggregated at the national, regional, metro, and county levels by profit status, property age, and payment type.

Local: Properties & Transactions

NIC MAP’s Local subscription service offering includes access to a database of properties and transactions. This offering delivers reliable market data by metro area, county, address, city, or zip code, including an inventory of properties that are open, expanding, under construction, or recently opened. Local features map-based search capabilities, which display market activity by metro area, county, address, city, and/or zip code. Frequently used by owners, operators, developers, lenders, appraisers, brokerage firms, and consultants, Local helps you identify specific market opportunities and competition.

Fundamentals & Insights: Historical Trends & Forecasts

NIC MAP’s Fundamentals & Insights subscription service offering includes access to historical trends and forecasts and is frequently used by advisory firms, analysts, institutional investors, and industry researchers to monitor industry and market activity and anticipate emerging market trends.

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