Spring Conference

“In this healthcare transformation, our success depends on resiliency, innovation, collaboration, and engagement.”

– Senator Tom Daschle



Spring 2020 Registration

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The focus of the NIC Spring Conference is to facilitate partnerships that will break down old silos, create efficiencies, and improve outcomes, as well as shed light on the innovations and solutions that will propel the industry into the future.Investors, operators, owners, and developers, as well as a growing number of current and potential healthcare partners, attend the NIC Spring Conference to hear:

  • The latest thinking on where the seniors housing and care sector is heading
  • How challenges of a changing landscape can create new opportunities
  • Why collaborative relationships are critical to success as our sector adapts to policy and demographic shifts

Why You Should Attend


Value-based care is driving change – and opportunity. Gain real-world insights and strategies, while building the relationships you need for success.

  • Position your organization to succeed and benefit from the transformation of the fee-for-service system
  • Gain insights on the innovations and strategies that are improving resident and business outcomes
  • Explore partnerships to create value that can differentiate your community from the competition


The sector is evolving to reflect shifts in policies and demographic realities. Stay ahead of critical trends and opportunities to thrive in a changing world.

  • Take advantage of the most-efficient networking and relationship-building event in the sector
  • Access the most important data and analysis that will shape the industry
  • Gain insights into the latest trends in seniors housing and how investors can increase value through collaboration with care providers

Healthcare Providers

Senior care communities are home to millions of elders. With an increasing number of higher-acuity residents, partnering to improve outcomes and lower costs offers new growth opportunities.

  • Gain insights about the strategies, decisions and realities of the seniors housing and care sector to be best positioned to create successful partnerships
  • Hear how to drive down costs of resident healthcare while improving outcomes
  • Efficiently connect with senior decision-makers in the sector

Networking Opportunities 

The NIC Spring Conference offers the industry’s most unique and powerful opportunity to grow your network and your business in seniors housing and care.

  • First-Time Attendee Power Hour (invitation only)
  • Welcome Reception
  • Networking Breaks
  • NIC-Hosted Receptions
  • Attendee Resources
  • Networking Spaces

Use these resources to facilitate your connections before, during and after the conference:

  • Attendee Listing
  • Conference App
  • Capital Provider Attendee Listing
  • Meeting Points

“It’s a good opportunity to really network and connect with a lot of people you don’t always see. It’s a very efficient use of time.”

– Joel Gordon, Wintrust


The conference program will provide industry leaders insight on facilitating new partnerships and efficiencies in value-based care collaborations while also providing the most recent trends on the real-estate based landscape.

Focus Areas:

Investing and Valuations – Market trends, capital flows into the sector. Investing in seniors housing, skilled nursing and home healthcare and home care, valuations and workforce issues.

Value Creation, Partnerships & Risk – How to achieve care coordination, win managed care business, form upstream and downstream healthcare partnerships, create a high-performance network, and approach the challenges and opportunities of taking on risk. Sessions will offer a range of perspectives and will address:

  • Why is it important?
  • What is changing?
  • Who pays for it?
  • How does it come together?




Future Years

  • 2020 Spring Conference, San Diego, CA – March 4-6, 2020
  • 2021 Spring Conference, Dallas, TX – March 2-4, 2021
  • 2022 Spring Conference, Dallas, TX – March 23-25, 2022
  • 2023 Spring Conference, San Diego, CA – March 1-3, 2023
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