NIC Event Policies

Professional Category Policy

NIC reserves the right to determine the business category to which any proposed registrant or any event attendee belongs according to NIC’s definitions and to request verifying information in connection with that determination. Any company unwilling to comply with NIC’s business category and rate determination, or request for verification, may be refused registration or attendance at NIC events.

Operator Rates at NIC Events

The operator rate is available to companies whose current, primary business function is the active and direct day-to-day running of senior living facilities. If this describes your company’s primary function, and if your company is directly responsible for hiring executive directors and/or administrators who directly report within your company, then you are considered to be an Operator at NIC Events. Examples of parties who do not meet this criteria include developers, passive investors (such as a REIT or an equity fund), passive owners, asset managers, consultants, and service or product providers to operators or owners.

Premium Fee Policy

It is the policy of the NIC to preserve and enhance the conference experience of its core constituents – capital sources, owner/operators, and those who can verify that they directly support seniors housing and care transactions. Accordingly, with respect to any other attendee (generally, a “non-transactional attendee”), a premium registration fee shall be charged and collected. For more details see Non Transactional Attendee Policy.

NIC Event Security – Disruptive Persons

The following is the Policy of the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing and Care Industry, Inc. (NIC) regarding the handling and/or removal of persons from NIC sponsored events and/or conferences who are determined to be disruptive or potentially disruptive to an event or conference:

  1. Disruptive Person.
    For the purposes of this Policy, a Disruptive Person is an individual who, based on available facts, there is reasonable cause to believe is (a) an individual who is an immediate threat to the safety or well being of him/herself, or to other persons or property; or is (b) an individual whose behavior is disruptive of the orderly operation of the event or conference.
  2. Person Designated To Deal With Disruptive Person.
    Prior to each conference or event, NIC shall designate a person (the Designee) who shall be responsible for coordinating security with the owners/operators of the site where the event or conference is being held, including but not limited to the procedures to be followed when dealing with a Disruptive Person. Such Designee shall have authority to modify this Policy, if necessary, in his or her reasonable judgment, to bring this Policy into conformance with the policies of the owners/operators.
  3. Determination Of Whether A Person Is Disruptive.
    The Designee shall have the authority to determine, in his or her reasonable belief, based upon the facts then available to the Designee, whether an individual is a Disruptive Person. Such determination may be based upon actual danger or disruption as well as potential or threatened disruption.
  4. Action To Be Taken Upon Determination That An Individual Is Or May Be A Disruptive Person.
    (a) If the Designee determines, in his or her reasonable belief, based upon the facts then available to the Designee, that an individual is or may be a Disruptive Person, and that the Designee may without danger to the Designee or any other person at the event or conference approach the individual in order to attempt a resolution of the disruption caused by or likely to be caused by the individual, the Designee may make a good-faith effort to communicate with the individual and resolve the disruption or potential disruption by asking the individual to stop his or her disruptive actions, or by directing the individual to leave the event or conference. Nothing in this Policy shall require the Designee to take this action if the Designee reasonably believes (a) that such action would be fruitless, or (b) that such action might endanger anyone present at the event or conference.
    (b) If at any time the Designee determines that an attempt to communicate with the individual who is or may be a Disruptive Person would be fruitless or might endanger anyone present at the event or conference, or that immediate action is required, the Designee shall immediately notify security at the event or conference of the presence of the Disruptive Person and cooperate with security personnel in resolving the disruption. The Designated Person is not authorized by this Policy to physically remove a Disruptive Person from the premises where the event or conference is being held, or direct any other person to do so. Should the Designated Person reasonably believe that removal of the Disruptive Person is necessary, he or she shall communicate that belief to security at the event or conference, or to law enforcement officials, and cooperate with security personnel and/or law enforcement officials thereafter.
  5. Indemnification
    The Designee, and any NIC employees assisting the Designee, shall be indemnified to the fullest extent permitted by the law and NIC bylaws for any actions taken in good faith by the Designee and/or NIC employees in carrying out the provisions of this Policy. Such indemnification shall include the provision of legal counsel at the sole expense of NIC should the need for legal assistance arise as a result of any action taken by the Designee, or any NIC employee, pursuant to this Policy.

Registration Cancellation & Substitution Policies:

Cancellations – Cancellations must be submitted by fax or email to (410) 268-4620 or Requests received by the early bird deadline for that event will receive a full refund less a non-refundable processing fee (see event registration page for deadline and fee). Cancellation requests received after early bird deadline are non-refundable and forfeited fees may not be transferred to a future NIC event.

Substitutions – Substitutions are permitted within the same company and professional category without penalty. Substitution requests may be submitted in writing to the NIC Registrar at up to 2 weeks in advance of the event. Substitution requests within the final 2 weeks must be made on-site. A full registration form for the substitute attendee must be completed in order to process.

Important Information:

  • NIC reserves the right to make changes to the program. Should circumstances beyond the control of NIC prevent NIC from holding the event(s) as scheduled, and such circumstances occur less than three weeks prior to the event(s), registrations will be retained and applied toward the next scheduled NIC Annual Conference.
  • There will be an administrative fee of $25 for all duplicate registrations or registering in the wrong professional category
  • There is a non-refundable fee of $50 for declined credit cards. There is also a non-refundable fee of 3% of the refund amount for duplicate registrations or professional category changes.
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