2016 NIC Fall Conference Recap


This year’s conference program offered insight into the trends impacting the future of the seniors housing and care industry—from policy changes that are driving health care payment and delivery reform, to longer-term changes prompted by a new and more demanding consumer. Download the Conference Recap for in-depth coverage of sessions, including:

  • former Utah Governor and HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt’s keynote discussion on the transition to value-based payments and its effects on all of seniors housing and care – read more
  • the major trends three operator CEOs are anticipating and their companies’ strategies for staying successful in the near- and longer-term future – read more
  • six NIC Talks speakers’ visions of the future of aging, from longevity and predictions for immortality, to giving Baby Boomers purposeful, engaged lives – read more
  • a discussion on changing demographics and how the Silent Generation (and eventually, the Baby Boomers) will reshape seniors housing and care- read more
  • capital investors’ perspectives on who is investing in seniors housing as well as their criteria for where to invest – read more


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Will boomers, out of necessity or desire, retire the 20th century concept of retirement? Will the phrase “senior care” be viewed in the future as an anachronism laced with condescension? As the focus shifts from serving the Greatest Generation to preparing for the boomers, who begin turning 80 in 2026, questions abound as to how aging and aging services will be different. This was the focus of this year’s talks NIC Talks as speakers shared how they believe developments in the next ten years will revolutionize the aging experience of the boomers, and how the boomers will transform the products, services and businesses designed to serve them.


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