Seniors Housing & Care Journal

Seniors Housing & Care Journal 2017


The Seniors Housing & Care Journal continues its tradition of offering empirically based research articles and commentaries relating to issues critical to seniors housing and skilled nursing providers and investors.

As in the past, the journal editors selected an Outstanding Research Paper. This award was given to R. Tamara Konetzka and Zachary Gray for their paper, The Role of Socioeconomic Status in Nursing Home Quality Ratings. This article questions why low socioeconomic status nursing homes score poorly on the Nursing Home Compare five-star ratings. Their analysis reveals that constrained resources (i.e., inadequate Medicaid reimbursement) rather than bias in the rating system is primarily to blame.

Two papers were recognized for as Papers of Merit:

  • A research article by Agnieszka Z. Burzynska and Laura Malinin, titled Enriched Environments for Healthy Aging: Qualities of Seniors Housing Designs Promoting Brain and Cognitive Health.
  • The second paper is titled Benefits of Small-House Nursing Home Designs: Staff Practices Needed for Resident Dividends in Quality of Life and Autonomy, by Rosalie Kane and Lois Cutler.

Additional research articles include Katherine Marx and colleagues’ review of nonpharmacologic interventions for managing neuropsychiatric issues in residents of assisted living facilities. Abrahamson, Fulton, Sternke, Davila, and Morgan examined the influences upon the likelihood that a resident would recommend a facility to others. A final research article by Carney, Turiano, and Patrick examines Midlife Development in the United States (MIDUS) data to determine how changes in neighborhood relate to well-being over time.

In addition to the six research articles, the Journal includes two commentaries: one on the area of leadership and the other regarding the adoption of personal health records in seniors housing communities.

The Journal concludes with an Executive Roundtable discussion, in which industry executives offer their thoughts relative to the Certified Director of Assisted Living designation, a new credentialing program for assisted living Executive Directors.

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