Seniors Housing & Care Journal

The Seniors Housing & Care Journal continues its tradition of offering empirically based research articles and commentaries relating to issues critical to seniors housing and skilled nursing providers and investors.

As in the past, the journal editors selected an Outstanding Research Paper. This award was given to Pillemer, Schultz, Cope Meador, and Henderson for the article Partners in Care in Assisted Living:  Fostering Cooperative Communication Between Families and Staff.  This article describes an intervention to improve communication between families of assisted living residents and staff.

A second article, Employee Total Motivation (ToMo): A Key Performance Indicator of Customer Satisfaction by Paris, Howell and Smith, was awarded special recognition for its examination of the correlation between employee motivation, employee satisfaction, and resident satisfaction.


The full list of articles and available downloads include:

  • Full 2018 Seniors Housing & Care Journal
  • Executive Summaries of the 2018 Seniors Housing & Care Journal Articles:


Outstanding Research Paper

Partners in Care in Assisted Living: Fostering Cooperative Communication Between Families and Staff

Karl Pillemer, PhD; Leslie Schultz; Marie Tillema Cope, MSW, MPH; Rhoda H. Meador, PhD; Charles Henderson, Jr., MS

Paper of Merit

Employee Total Motivation (ToMo): A Key Performance Indicator of Customer Satisfaction

Kristen V. Paris, PhD; Richard M. Howell; Edie R. Smith


The Importance of Daylight in Dementia Care Communities: A Call to Action

Kyle Konis, PhD; Edward L. Schneider, MD


Relationships Between Residential Care Community Characteristics and Overnight Hospital Stays and Readmissions: Results From the National Study ofLong-Term Care Providers

Christine Caffrey, PhD; Lauren Harris-Kojetin, PhD; Vincent Rome, MPH;Lindsay Schwartz, PhD


Influence of Senior Living Employees’ Perceptions of Aging on Engagement and Quality of Resident Interactions

Jennifer L. Smith, PhD


Defining and Promoting Quality of Life at a Continuing Care Retirement Community: A Case Study

Jacqueline S. Weinstock, PhD; Lynne A. Bond, PhD


Online Marketing Practices of Assisted Living Communities in Oregon

Sarah Dys, MPA; Paula C. Carder, PhD; Sheryl Elliott, MUS


A Framework for Expanding and Enhancing University-Based Health Administration and Aging Services Programs Across the United States

Douglas M. Olson, PhD


Impact on Care of an Increasing Population Living With Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: The 21st Century Challenge

Walter D. Dawson, D.Phil


The Need for Investigations Training for Nursing Home Administrators and Staff Into Complaints of Abuse, Neglect, and Misappropriation

John M. Hazy, PhD; Walt Bradley, AAS


Building Resident Engagement Through Social Art Programs

Sadie Harmon, MFA


Dimensions of Privacy and Aging in Place With Smart Home Technology: Legal Considerations for the Seniors Housing Industry

Jacquelyn B. Frank, PhD, MSL

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